All About Laser Hair Removal Systems

aser hair removal systems are basically divided up into two different categories: Intense pulsed light (IPL) and traditional hair removal lasers. Essentially, your own personal preference will end up being the determining factor in which of the two you choose. IPL is a modern and some would even say evolved version of the traditional hair removal lasers. However, both devices (traditional and IPL) were based upon the technology of light and they both have their pros and cons.

Traditional lasers target a single hair which can really become a time consuming task when having to remove a large area of thick hair. For this reason alone intense pulsed light devices were an instant hit when released to the public even though these IPL devices are not able to target the actual hairs as precisely as the traditional lasers. However, they are able to target a much larger area of skin making the treatments considerably faster and less costly.

Both of these systems remove hair when the pulse of light emitted by the laser is absorbed by the pigment in the hair shaft beneath the skin’s surface disabling the hair follicle activity and preventing the hair from growing back. Since the laser is only able to detect dark pigment, the best candidates for laser and IPL procedures are persons with dark hair and light skin.

Both laser hair removal systems are considered safe and non-evasive. So much so that many people are opting for the removal of unwanted hair using laser devices if they are able to afford it. Unfortunately, the IPL removal system is not always completely safe especially when it is being performed by someone who is inexperienced. You can run into all sorts of trouble if you do not research the credentials and the reputation of your chosen clinic or practitioner. Inexperienced technicians are the leading cause of burns and other skin damage including lifelong scars that can occur when IPL devices are improperly used.

In other words, this would not be a project that you should risk doing yourself and it is highly recommended that you find the most experienced professional technician to get the job do