Bear Grylls Gear – Is it Quality Or All Hype?

Bear Grylls announced a new line of clothing that is based off of the gear that he wears in Man Vs. Wild. Bear Grylls pants have become a new iconic outdoor staple of clothing. In Man vs. Wild, Bear wears the brand Craghoppers. Craghoppers are a highly acclaimed British line of tested outdoor gear. The company got it start in the 60’s and has seen the top of just about every mountain worth climbing including Mt. Everest.

Bear has teamed up with Craghoppers and now has his signature line of rugged and technical outdoor gear. I thought that Bear Grylls gear was a lot of hype until I picked his “survival pants.” What can I say they are the real deal! They are a bit pricey at $97 bucks but are worth every penny. Realistically they are priced about the same as North Face or Mountain Hardware gear and in my opinion they are far superior to the pants that I own by those companies.

Bear Grylls Pants are light weight yet rugged and they have the perfect amount of pockets to keep all of your gear in. They have re-enforced knees, ankles and seat they also dry amazingly fast. The pants are rugged enough for any adventure yet they are truly light weight and are probably the most comfortable pants that I own. In addition to the pants Bear Grylls Gear line includes expedition shirts, outerwear and shorts. I have not purchased any of those Items yet but I plan to. As soon as I do I will write another review on those Items to give you some information before you purchase. If you are an outdoor enthusiast like I am this clothing line is a must have for traveling, camping, hiking, climbing, kayaking and any other outdoor adventure that you can think of!