Five behavior Problems Everyone Has with the smallest dogs

Every smallest dog breed has some common behavior problems that are often misunderstood or mishandled by dog owners. If you are a dog owner then,Five behavior Problems Everyone Has with the smallest dogs Articles you show know about these problems and think about the ways of solving them. As you know, the dog is a friendly and social pet and it doesn’t want to live alone. When its owner locks him for a long time in captivity. Then, many issues arise this article will help you in tackling the five common behavior problems of the smallest dog breeds which, everyone faces.

Excessive barking and chewing

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Most of the dog’s bark or howl, in the same way, is a common habit of dogs but, the smallest breed does a lot. If dogs do excessive barking, then it is considered a behavior problem. Their barking is the reason to warn or alert from something, due to excitement, for getting attention, tiredness, boredom and respond to other fellow beings. If they are reacting towards these conditions, then it is a common activity. But if they bark without any reason then you should learn to control the excessive barking. Be patient and steady just spend time with your dog and give extra attention it can help stop a dog from barking.

Chewing is also another natural action which many dog’s practices. It’s just a part of the way they have wired. Though, excessive chewing can be a behavior problem if your dog destroys along it. Dogs chew due to boredom, getting excessive energy, anxiety, curiosity, and teething. You can encourage your dogs to chew but the right thing. So, in this way you have to provide it plenty of suitable chew toys. Keep your personal and expensive things away from it. If you see your dog is chewing wrong things then, you should tell your dog with the help of lou