How Do You Generate Your Blog Post Ideas?

Do you find there are days when you take a look at your weekly job list and at the top of the list is ‘Create Blog Post’? I do take the time at least once per week to write a blog post but what do you write about? Do you ever get the BLOCK where you simply spend an hour staring at your own word document waiting for the title or inspiration to pop in your head? Alternatively you may have a subject in mind, so you get right to it writing to find you run out of content at 200 words! Yeah we have all been through it and guess what most guys do when they hit this stumbling point? Give up hit save and just switch off!

What Can We Do to Prevent The Switch Off?

There are a number of things we can do to prevent ourselves from simply hitting the ‘X’ and saying ‘I will do it tomorrow’ Here are a few examples I can think of right now and what I think about when I post:

1. Stop staring and take action! What I mean is reflect back on your week and remember what you have done to help you be creative? Did you create a new product? If so what did you do? How did you do it? What was your inspiration? Take a specific part of your product creation and write about it.

2. Did you read something interesting that you can talk about? You can expand this and create some discussion about it.

3. Did you take part in any activities online which gave you inspiration? Did you read a blog post that you found useful that you can link too and talk about? Maybe add more information about it or say how much you enjoyed it.

4. Were you involved in a product launch or a product promotion? You can discuss and write about your involvement or your marketing techniques which you used to get sales or not. What would you do better, what would you repeat that worked well for