Kruger Safari Adventure Part 1

When Faaiz Oz is around me there is never a dull moment. Oz mentioned to me about going on a tour with Awesome Kruger Tours who is also family into the Kruger Bush. Tiny Loonat was to lead the expedition of about 7 guys in an Open Safari Vehicle, stay in a tented camp in the Bush, communal showers and toilets in the bush and of course 3 days of Solid Adventure. At first I was reluctant because of time etc. Faaiz convinced me along with Azee Hansrod from Benoni. That was it. I was in and we began counting down the days. We were to leave on Wednesday. On Tuesday night I met Faiz at the Caltex in Glenhove. We finalised all the details. Our money was paid to Awesome Kruger Tours which meant that all we had to do was get to Malelane. From that point on every inch of the Safari was sorted. On Wednesday morning we headed off to pick our mentor, ranger and guide and owner of Awesome Kruger Tours, Tiny and Naeem up and we loaded the vehicle with the essential groceries, spare tyres, and the gear we would need to make the trip In order to survive you need to make sure you travel well and with plenty of food and essential supplies. “Dan tun tun tun Dan”-The Oz Safari Survival Chronicles (in the voice of Bear Grills).

All loaded we set of to Malalane with the vehicle loaded. Azee and Nelson were to meet us there after midnight, Myseld, Faaiz, Tiny and Naeem set off to Malalane which is an hour or so from Nelspruit. We were excited and made a pact to not discuss Kruger on the way lol. All stories were to be saved for the fire

As we reached Malalane and the Mpumelanga province we were greeted by overcast weather and drizzle. Malalane is about an hour away from Nelspruit. Quite a picturesque town surrounded by Mountains and just two km from Malalane gate and the Kruger National Park. The notorious Leopard Creek is also next to the gate. We met Frank, Tinys Game Ranger, collected the Safari Vehicle, did a cross check and our excitement was building. We finally were going to get to see the Kruger National Park from an open Safari Vehicle. We packed out and sorted the supplies. Food, Meat, Torches, equipment, cameras, utensils, drinks, cooler boxe