The Pros and Cons of Cork Flooring

benefits and disadvantages as well. This article is about educating consumers on flooring pros and cons. A reader will therefore understand everything he or she needs to know and educate them before making the right choices about cork flooring.


In the cork flooring reviews pros and cons there are numerous advantages. The initial benefit is to the environment. Cork is an organic product and does not pollute the environment compared to other tiles. Cork is also durable and lasts long. You can have it for a lifetime and won’t have to worry about replacements and maintenance costs. Cork also acts as insulation for rooms against excessive heat and sounds in form of acoustic underlayment. Most commercial buildings and special rooms have been able to employ cork because of its remarkable properties. Cork is also able to absorb shocks thereby cushioning people from different forms of injuries.


All flooring products have a percentage of cons. As mentioned earlier this article is about cork flooring reviews pros and cons. One of the biggest challe