Types of Blog Posts

Writing a blog can sometimes get tedious. We have all been there. No matter how much you love your blog and love blogging on your topics of choice, there comes a time when you simply get writer’s block and can’t put together a worthwhile post.


Before you do something stupid that might alienate some of your readers, you should reference this list as it outlines some of the more common types of posts that you can write on a blog. I put together this list as a reference and have it on my desktop for consideration when I run out of blogging ideas.

Here is the list of post types that currently resides on my desktop:

Personalized posts.

Talk about something from your personal life. This type of post helps your readers empathize with you and feel like you are one of them. Don’t overdo it as it can backfire – people can get tired of hearing about your pet turtle every week :).

Discuss a product you like or dislike.

Always fun to do. If you include some affiliate links you may even earn a quick buck as a result of a post like this.

Talk about someone or something you hate.

Nothing better to start a heated discussion then by expressing your honest opin