Warcraft Wealth Review – Is the Warcraft Wealth Gold Guide Worth Getting?

You might wonder with so many WoW gold guides available, which one should you pick, so let’s take a look at Warcraft Wealth in particular so you can see the pros and cons. I’ve had a pretty good chance to review Warcraft Wealth thoroughly so I think I can help you make an honest assessment of whether you need it or not.











What makes Warcraft Wealth different from some of the other gold guides currently available for WoW is it is written by someone who used to sell WoW gold. Heck, I bet he is still selling it since obviously there’s a lucrative market for it. Fortunately, the author, Wayne Williams, has decided to let us in on some of the gold selling secrets to help just regular players make more gold and you know we all need more of that.

So is Wayne’s Gold Guide any good?

Yep, I think Warcraft Wealth is pretty excellent, despite its relative brevity. Warcraft Wealth is quite a bit shorter than some of the other guides currently available, but that’s only if you count the advanced gold guide. With all the bonuses and the Noob guide, it actually comes out to quite a bit longer. It also has a lot of info packed into it, with specifics on where to find more gold and loads of screen caps so you can see exactly where to go.

What about the bonuses?

The three bonuses are the Mining Maps walk-throughs, the Auction House videos and the Basics Guide. Both the mining maps and the auction house videos are designed to help you get more gold to put in your bags. The mining maps, in particular is a big time saver because you can basically use it to go on a gold running quest just for the purposes of mining more loot, totally skipping regions that aren’t worth the bother. If you are several hundred gold away from upgrading your mount, it would be worthwhile to use the mining maps to just take a few hours one night to mine your butt off.

As for the auction house videos, Wayne uses that to show you exactly how he works the Auction House. I found it very handy because